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KeepHR simplifies your business

Efficiency & Accountability

GPS Time Clock

Employees can only clock their hours within a specified GPS fence created by you.


No more checking in to see if employees are working. Get SMS or Email notifications.

Video-Based Training

Educate your employees with your training videos and know the results.


Know everything about your employees and locations.
KeepHR manages your employees

Know Your Business

You could spend hours working through payroll, communicating with your employees, and managing locations. KeepHR does the heavy lifting of your business and keeps you in control of your time. KeepHR's custom modules are tailored run your business more efficiently. From time clock management with GPS to video-based training, your employees will not be on-time for work but will be prepared for the tasks ahead.

KeepHR Features

Modules for how you operate

GPS Time Clock Management

Manage your schedule
Regardless if you have 5 employees or 100 employees, make sure your staff is where they need to be and on time.

Video Training

Staff education thats accountable
Have the ability to create custom training modules that targeted to specific staff to keep your staff up to date.

Staff Onboarding

Build your staff quickly
Track applicants through every step of your company's hiring process with a customizeable checklist from start to finish.

Broadcast Messaging

Be in touch
Have the abilty to broadcast messages to your staff as needed to keep them in the know.

Location Management

Manage your locations
Be on top of as many properties for your staff.


Know what is happening
Your and your staff can be notified every step of the way. From new applicants to being late, know what is happening.

How It Works

Take the first step by seeing how KeepHR fits into your business. From there, we will help you figure out how you can get the most out of KeepHR. Finally, you can use KeepHR to make your business operate more efficiently.

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